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Monday, August 13, 2012

Tool 9

I think its important to tie tech into the objective because it is another tool that students can use and need to be able to use in the world today. Students should be held accountable for the stations and centers for the same reasons they should be held accountable for all school procedures, quizzes, homework and tests. these are tools used in the classroom to gauge a students progress and if you dont expect them to be accountable at the centers then their learnign will suffer. The classroom is also their place to learn so if they dont respect their own tools then they will use the priviledge of having/using them. I have used PHet for years in my classroom. I like that now instead of just having a demonstartion on the activ board the students can have a more individual experience at the centers. Interactivate seems to be similar. For the ipod and ipad I have found numerous apps for use in mu classroom. One of my new favorites is called show me. It is an interactive whiteboard app that allows students to drawe and record their voices for a presentation. I plan to use this in order gauge my students on their problem solving abilities in physics. I also like imovie for the ipad. I will use this to make my safety movies this year instead of the flip cameras and macbooks. I could also see my students using the ipads as a station to blog about new content, as a resource like the interactive periodic table or as an interactive lab intself by creating electric circuits, etc using an app.

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