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Monday, August 13, 2012

Tool 10

1 The first thing I ask of my students so that they are good digital citizens is that they respect the work of others and create their own materials. The next thing I ask of them is to be wary of information "out there". Just because its on the internet doesnt make it true. Being a savy internet and technology user can help you sort through the junk. And finally I would ask that they are safe in the digital world by carefully choosing the information that they broadcast to the entire planet. I plan on reviewing the information in the ISAFE program offered by SBISD with my students so that they understand some of the pitfalls as well as wonderful oppurtunities the digital world has to offer. I think that digital citizenship is taught the same way as regualr old citizenship. Through clear expectations, instructions and a good example we can show our students how to use these resources in a responsible manner. Digital Citizenship can be introduced to the parents with all of our procedures and expectations for the classroom. We expect the kids to behave and treat each other a certain way and we exopect them to use the technology in a certain way as well. If expectations are clear, consistent and fair then they will almost certainly be met.

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